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Buffalo Chip Campground - Sturgis, SD

Buffalo Chip Campground

Sturgis camping at the Buffalo Chip Campground for a week costs far less than the cost of a Sturgis motel room for one single night, especially if you plan ahead. The Buffalo Chip rewards those who purchase packages, by offering discounted prices for rally passes, extended rally passes, and early bird passes which includes your tent camping, showers, entertainment and a wild assortment of activities throughout the day, along with the concerts in the evening. Prices are subject to increase without notice, so we encourage you to make your reservations now for the best concerts, entertainment and camping in Sturgis.

Everyone knows the Chip has the greatest Sturgis Rally Concerts. It is normal for the headliners not to confirm until the last minute. However, the Buffalo Chip will continue to provide our Sturgis campers with the best entertainment available every year, just as we have in the past. The word seems to be out in the music industry and the stars want to play for the Chip’s Sturgis campers. Accordingly, our Sturgis campers have each year seen and heard 9 consecutive nights of great entertainment. Check out the various bands that have played over the past 30 plus year history of the Chip.

The Chip has it All!

It’s also well known that the Chip has great customer service, affordable prices, fun activities, a variety of shows and entertainment, awesome concerts, premium vendors, the biggest campground and the Best Party Anywhere!

More than Music at the Chip!

There is a lot going on in addition to the music at the Buffalo Chip. Check out our extensive list of events that go on during the day and well into the night! There is something for everyone!

Chip Crew Workin’ Hard for You!

For more than 30 years the Chip has provided a top-notch party scene for you, but we have also celebrated more than 15 years of providing major improvements to the Buffalo Chip Campground. Sturgis camping during the Sturgis rally has never been as good as it will be in the coming years. Many, many improvements have been made at the Buffalo Chip campground with a focus on pleasing the Sturgis biker babes – your biker babes! Happier Sturgis biker babes makes for a better Sturgis rally picture and a most memorable rally camping at Sturgis at the Legendary Buffalo Chip!

New Improvements for 2013 Chip Sturgis Camping

  • Lay asphalt on main campground thoroughfares and CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip
  • Build new air conditioned cabins
  • Install miles of 3” waterline to better service existing Sturgis rally RV sites
  • Double the size of award winning CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip free public access gathering place and Sturgis bar

Improvements to Chip Sturgis Camping prior to 2013

  • Built award winning free access CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip New Sturgis bar and venue
  • Added More Flush toilets in the amphitheater
  • Installed and Improved more RV parking sites
  • Installed air conditioned cabins
  • Laid new asphalt inside amphitheater
  • Laid chipped asphalt on main campground thoroughfares
  • Added New Boilers to each shower building
  • Built new shower houses
  • Developed Bikini Beach decks, cabanas, rope swings
  • Created a Dance Club
  • Created Fan VIP and Top Shelf lounge for the best exclusive Sturgis rally concert views and experiences
  • Added 500 linear feet of steel skywalk 10 feet above the ground that you can ride your bike on
  • Added the only aerial steel bar and aerial burnout pits
  • Added Burn Out Bridge, A bridge over Cottle Creek, which soon became a great place to party.
  • Installed and buried many more miles of underground plumbing and electrical

Because We Care!

The Chip Crew continually strives to provide the best camping in Sturgis and the best customer service. Therefore, we take all of your comments and suggestions very seriously whether good or bad, let us know how we are doing and what we need to improve on. So keep them coming. Send us your comments!

Another Sturgis Rally at the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground a Huge Success!

Each year the Buffalo Chip receives many heartwarming compliments. It is really motivating for our crew, most of whom return year after year to provide you with the friendly service you have grown accustom to receiving. So, to those of you who’ve expressed your appreciation, whether by letter or email, thanks! Keep the comments coming in our Guest Book and leave us a message on our Message Board!

From the biker babes on the best looking bikes to the variety of Buffalo Chip events and concerts, you will soon see why the Buffalo Chip is considered the Best Party Anywhere and the best camping in Sturgis!

If you’re wondering whether to spend your vacation at the Chip, check out our testimonials section to learn what others have to say about the Best Party Anywhere! Check out our photo gallery and video archive to see what all the hype is about!

Remember – we’re going to have one incredible party to celebrate living another year of Ridin’ Free and Takin’ Risks and we’re lookin’ forward to seeing your smilin’ faces in August!

For more information goto: www.BuffaloChip.com

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  1. Nathan s Hemperley

    I know y’all don’t have many trees out there. How hot dose it get out in the sun ? I am from Louisiana and it gets very hot in the sun. Do we need to bring a tarp for shade

  2. I look forward each year to my Sturgis trip. Now that you have Cross Rds, I was excited to finally get in and purchase Buffalo Chip items. Well let me tell you the clothing sucked big time. There wasn’t a very good selection and there were all small sized for women. Stop buying china… any extra large looks like its for 12 year olds. Not just at the Buffalo chip but down town Sturgis. Way to save a buck guys. I wont be back. I heard others talking about the same thing also. I was disappointed.

  3. Good morning!!!! This my first trip to Buffalo Chip camp ground and Sturgis and I’m excited! The folks at The Buffalo Chip Camp Grounds have bent over backward to accommodate me and my family!! Just wanted to thank them for their hard work at trying to satisfied all of their customers. They keep me well informed on everything that’s going on and any changes with checking in and out of their camp ground. I know it’s hard to please everyone but I have to give the staff at Buffalo Chip a A+ for their effort. thank you guys and I’ll see you on the 27th of July….Thanks again…John (:

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