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Deadwood, SD – Old West Gambling Town

Deadwood is a city located in South Dakota, United States. The name of the city comes from the dead trees that are found in its valleys. It serves as the county seat for the Lawrence County and is a popular tourist destination for its entertainment and culture.

When to visit:
An ideal time to visit the Deadwood is the summers. Winter sees very few tourists with only those who enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowmobiles. Spring and fall have a varying season and can be visited by those who prefer fewer crowds and low expenses.

The summer months sees the most crowds especially at the time of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which is held in the first week of august.

South Dakota is ranked to be one of the least expensive places to visit. However, the prices tend to rise in the summer, at the time of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Things to do:
The city of Deadwood offers the tourists many attractions to visit. The Adams Museum, once belonging to the former mayor of Deadwood – W.E. Adams holds treasures from the historic town. The Mount Moriah Cemetery is the final resting place of some famous and historical personalities of Deadwood. The cemetery is managed by the city and sees thousands of tourists each year.

The Broken Boot Gold Mine has guided tours available for mine-minded tourists. The Days of 76 Museum holds many possessions related to the rodeo and parade. The museum also has large collections of horse-driven carriages which also appear in the annual parades.
The Nelson Garage car Museum is located in the celebrity hotel in the downtown area. The car museum houses many famous cars including James Bond’s Aston Martin and Magnum P.I.’s Ferrari.

Deadwood has world-class gambling facilities for its tourists. It has over 25 legalized casinos which offer gaming such as poker, slot machines, blackjacks, etc. The lucky Nugget Gambling Hall is Deadwood’s largest casino and has weekly shows and other forms of entertainment for its visitors. Although the casinos have brought a great deal of revenue to the city, many citizens feel that they have created a bad reputation for the city.

The Hiking trails such as the George S. Mikelson trail starts from the Deadwood to the nearby Black Hills Forest. Hiking, biking trails and camping spots can be found throughout the area.

Where to stay:
The City of Deadwood has many hotels and motels that will suit the visitors taste and budget. There are also many camping options available to those who enjoy a rustic lifestyle. There are many campgrounds in the town as well as the Black Hills National Park, which offers camping as well as RV hookups.

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